Spice Route
The New India Express
10 April 2006

The moment you enter Hallimane, you’re reminded of a typical village house in Karnataka. From the carved doors to the Rangoli floor and the curved stairs to the pleasant look, Hallimane proves to be a pleasant surprise to all it’s first time visitor. Be it the decoration with onions and garlic bunches or the huge lamp which has been burning from the moment it was lit, you’ll find bits of tradition everywhere here.

The restaurant becomes extremely busy during lunch time for Hallimane has a whole list of its loyal customers. The reason? Their affordable menu.

Hallimane offers a variety of herbal drinks like Cocum juice, Gasgase cold drink, Laavancha, Sogadeberu, Brahmi, Lemon grass, Ginger lemon. They have an imported machine which turns water in to ice flakes which are then used for the cold drinks.

Akki and ragi roti here reminds of one of home food. Masala vada is must eat. You can also try a variety of rural food like Malenada Kadubu, Kundapura Patrode here. These dishes have medicinal value and help clears flem and dart in the food pipe.

Haalbai sweet is hard to resist. There are four varieties in Holiges. Hallimane has three Habbada uoota, Sankranthi, Ugadi and Ganesha. During festival season Hallimane is decorated with mango leaves and they offer 25 items in Habbada uoota. Kajjya, Sukkinunde, Mangalore Buns, Mosaru-Avalakki, Uppittu, Avalakki and Oththu Shavige, Peni, Chiroti-Milk, Appam and Kashi Halwa are also available here.

They have also introduced a buffet which costs Rs 69 and a bottle of water is also served with it. They also undertake catering and they have catered for quite few functions at Vidhana Soudha and Raj Bhavan. In the morning, coffee is served with a newspaper. “We were the first one to began this,” says, Neelavara Sanjeeva Rao, properitor of Hallimane.

Neelavara was known for his dosa camp at Jayanagar, they were the first ones in the city to supply 25 kinds of dosas. After dosa camp, he wanted to start a unipue restaurant and he decided that will be Hallimane where rural food will be Hallimane where rural food will be served. He plans to open another restaurant close to the city in the near future. Hallimane offers South Indian, North Indian and fried rice. Ragi balls are preferred by puite a lot of people and they come just for that.

So, if you want to have a taste of rural food, do visit Hallimane.