Celebrate at Hallimane
Deccan herald
3 Sep 2005, Namratha Iyengar

If you are tired of trying to concoct the perfect sweet or snack on Gowri Ganesha, simply head to Halli Mane, 3rd ross,Sampige Road, Malleswaram.

Halli Mane is hosting a special feast on the event of Ganesha Chaturthi. In true Gowri-Ganesha tradition, Halli Mane will prepare not only a full meal but also more than 50 snack items that are special to the festival. Speaking on the launch of the Ganesh Chaturthi Feast, Halli Mane Chairman Sanjiva Rao said that celebrating Gowri-Ganesha on this grand a scale is not new to the restaurant. "Known for its traditionally made and served South Indian cuisine, Halli Mane has been celebrating festivals like Sankranti, Ugadi and many more since its inception," he said.

"In the years before, many vegetarian restaurants used to close their kitchens during festivals, and people would have to stay at home to prepare a feast. "It is only now, after the coming of many young software engineers who live away from home and cannot prepare or have access to such festival feasts, that restaurants have started opening their kitchens to the holiday crowd," Mr Rao said.

"Halli Mane will not only offer its general menu of South Indian food, but will especially create buffet meals in true Gowri-Ganesha tradition. These meals will comprise of a main course and many other items including happala, sandige, majjige menasu, suvarna gadde, mango chitranna, etc." While the entire restaurant is dressed in beautiful traditional colours of saffron, red, white and green, the waiters present a pleasant sight, donning the orthodox veshti, crisp white shirt and the red and gold zari-lined shalya. Instead of plates, banana leaves are used, giving the customer the feel of being seated in a wedding banquet. And the food is scrumptious.The payasa, sakkarepongal, kosambari and happla form the first course, followed by a serving of puliogare - just right, not too bland and not too spicy either. Tovve, chutney and uppinakai follow in close succession, all of which is made to true South Indian perfection.

But what tops it all is the tayiru vade - a fluffy vada dipped in luscious curd, topped with scrapings of carrot and coriander. Following this is the main course of rice, rasam, sambar and buttermilk. Dotting this in between are offerings of modaka, made especially on Ganesh Chaturthi, chakkali, panchakajaya - another Gowri-Ganesha treat and ginger
burfi. The meal is then complete with a beeda and a banana. Enough to make the entire family have their bellyfull and be satisfied!

The Ganesha Chaturthi feast at Halli Mane is priced at Rs 80 for adults, Rs 40 for children and Rs 90 for a parcelled meal.